LG Hyatt - Male Lead Vocals, Guitar

LG was born in Lawton, OK and developed his twang and drawl in Oklahoma and East Texas. Growing up, his home was filled with a wide variety of music but his favorite songs were guitar-driven with great vocal harmonies. At 21 in a Southern California Baptist church, LG met his gorgeous, fiddle-playing wife Allison. They went to college together, got married, and have been together for over 27 years - it’s no secret that LG started North Forty to hear his wife Allison play her fiddle. Together and separately, LG and Allison have played in lots of different groups and settings over the years. Some artists like to be alone with their guitars and play solo gigs, but what LG loves most is playing live music with North Forty! LG also loves to country swing dance… when he's not on stage with North Forty, you can often find him and his black hat on local country dance floors, supporting local bands and venues.